Picking Up Argumentative College Essay Topics On Arranged Marriage

Now-a-days, young generation chooses the dating or love marriage. The conventional conceptions about the marriage are fast changing. Earlier, parents were empowered to select the partners for their sons and daughters. This was a social custom in the reserved society. However, the dramatic change is visible when the new marriage law has been enforced giving freedom to both males and females to choose their life partners. Now, when you write an argumentative essay on the arranged marriage, analyze certain facts and views to evaluate the importance of such a traditional trend for arranged marriage. Online Google enables people to find some of the current interesting topics to write the argumentative content on the arranged marriage.

  • Few Important Argumentative Topics on Arranged Marriage

    • Is arranged marriage still important to young generation?
    • Give your views about the importance of arranged marriage
    • Is arranged marriage destructive to young couples?

  • Bundle up Major Points to Argue Against or For Arranged Marriage
  • There are two extreme poles of launching arguments regarding the particular debate/issue. As a supporter, you can throw lot of good reasons of enhancing the conventional practice of arranged marriage. Parents are experienced and they know how to choose the right persons for their daughters. It will be a peaceful marriage instead of turmoil. However, old fashioned concepts have been modernized with the liberty in thoughts. More dynamic innovations and freedom give wide space to people to change their mindsets when they make comments about the marriage celebration. You must not be addicted to negative elements to deny the usefulness of the arranged marriage whenever you are supposed to write the content supporting this conventional practice. In the introduction, make a short summary by giving a powerful thesis statement to guide your readers to probe deeply. They must be boosted up to read the content gathering energy. However, you can include some examples and personal statements of critics in the body of the content.

  • Project What Your Neighbors Think about Arranged Marriage
  • On the contrary, while launching your arguments against the traditional marriage custom, your views should be powerful and relevant. Project what general persons think and opine about the removal of arranged marriage custom. For instance, few teens think that lack of proper understanding, and prior relationship, the arranged marriage breaks down. The split in the intimate relationship becomes visible due to the dearth of the rapport. Besides, new generation experiences a faster transition in the relationship. They revolt to protest against the old fashioned marriage celebration. They lambaste the traditional establishment forces to practice the outdated arranged marriage. In your argumentative content, gather their views and try to reshape your academic content by delivering the right information in this regard.

Conclusion is the soul of the content. Therefore, you need the effective workouts and table work to formulate the brief conclusion stating your views clearly.