List Of 20 Global History Essay Topics Suggested By A+ Students

Global history is very important to our present day life and people should pay more attention to it. By studying changes that occurred on the earth in the past, the conditions that caused it and the overall effect on the environment, we can better understand changes that are occurring today. Even recent human history can tell us a lot about socioeconomic situations present in our world today.

When conducting any form of research, paying close attention to your choice of topic is essential and can make the difference in failure or success. Making certain of the availability of information on your chosen topic can save you a lot of trouble later on. There is also no harm in selecting an essay topic that interests you, making the experience and enjoyable one.The following is a list of 20 global history essay topics for you to consider:

  1. What really killed the dinosaurs may not have been the meteor that you think it was.
  2. The continent of Pangea and how we know it really existed.
  3. What do the fossil records say about modern birds and how they came to dominate the skies?
  4. Are we ready for the next great big extinction?
  5. How much has our natural landscapes chance since the industrial revolution?
  6. What role did researchers and scientists play in the destruction of natural environments in the past?
  7. How did the discovery of coal affect the act of slavery?
  8. What was the most significant discovery of 16th and 17th century explorers of the new worlds?
  9. Were all kings and queens deserving of the title that they held?
  10. How does a king first own that title? What determines someone claim to royalty?
  11. How would the world have been different if advanced civilizations had simply stayed in their own countries?
  12. Which countries played the most significant role in the development of trade routes and trade agreements between large nations?
  13. What makes the mongols stand out more than any other warring nation of history?
  14. What were the reasons surrounding the construction of the great wall of china?
  15. Why was philosophy developed?
  16. How did people of long ago perceive their elders differently from people of today?
  17. Did India affect the course of European history in any way?
  18. What sets the Egyptians apart from other civilizations of the time?
  19. Can the activities of colonial Europeans be considered genocidal?
  20. Who were the first to successfully domestic animals?