A List Of Unique Opinion Essay Topics To Write About

An opinion essay is one of the many types of academic papers that students are required to write during each school session. Just as the name implies, it requires you to give your own opinion on a particular topic or item. In writing this paper, make sure the content is clearly written with several viewpoints which should in turn, be backed up with examples or facts. If there are any opposing viewpoints as it relates to the topic, use a paragraph to talk about this opposing viewpoint.

Just like other types of essays, your opinion essay should be made up of the introduction where you let your readers know the topic and your viewpoint, the body paragraphs which lists your viewpoints and supporting facts. This is also where you refer to the opposing viewpoint, stating why your own opinion is the right one. The last part is the conclusion which is mostly a restatement of your thesis. With all these said, here is a list of unique topics for your opinion essay. They are as follows:

  • Parents are the best teachers
  • People acquire higher education for diverse reasons
  • Knowledge gained from experience is better than knowledge gained from reading
  • Technology has made meal preparations more enticing
  • Home-grown veggies are tastier than canned veggies
  • Excessive watching of movies negatively impacts on behaviour
  • Life is easier in bigger cities than in smaller towns
  • Text messaging negatively impacts on verbal communication
  • Success in life is out of hard work and not luck
  • Home-cooked meals are healthier and tastier than restaurant meals
  • Not everyone living near you is your neighbour
  • It is better to train up children in rural areas than in urban areas
  • Students learn better with the presence of a teacher
  • Homework does not improve students’ learning skills
  • The use of cell phones should be banned in the schools

These are just a few topics that can make good opinion essays. However, you should note that for every topic chosen, it is necessary that you engage in adequate research. This is how you are able to gather enough information to write your essay. For the topic you choose, you should look for multiple supporting evidences to convince your readers why your opinion is better than the opposing opinions. Go ahead and pick a topic and start writing, making sure you have enough facts to back up your viewpoints.