Great Directions On How To Write An Interesting Essay On Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing is a famous comedic play written by William Shakespeare in 1599. It combines different elements worth consideration, so it isn’t surprising that teachers often ask students to write an essay about this play. To compose a strong paper, you need to come up with an interesting question to address, choose a controversial topic idea, and organize your work according to a chosen genre of academic writing.

Choosing a Genre for Your Literary Essay

The most popular genres of essay writing are exposition, description, narration, and argumentation. Each one serves a particular purpose, has a typical organizational structure, and is prepared with some details in mind. For your assignment on Much Ado About Nothing, you can pick any genre unless it allows you to reveal your topic and build a strong thesis statement.

  • Exposition: Investigate an idea from the play, pick the evidence from the text, and expound a powerful argument.
  • Description: Describe a chosen character, setting, or emotion using vivid, concise language.
  • Narration: Tell a story about a particular character or write a report about the play focusing on providing an informative narrative for the readers.
  • Argumentation: study the topic, collect evidence from the text, establish your own position on the topic and compare it to the writer’s point of view.

Answering an Interesting Study Question in Your Assignment

There’re plenty of different questions that you can address in your paper. If you aren’t given a list of sample ideas to choose from, you can pick one of the questions below:

  • Do you believe that Claudia and Hero truly love each other? (Argue that it’s hard to believe so.)
  • Why are speech and conversation so important in the play? (Compare two different patterns of the characters’ speech.)
  • What is the role of conversation and gossip in the story? (Describe the role of eavesdropping on a conversation.)
  • What is special about the Beatrice character? (Examine why Shakespeare featured her as the most admired heroine.)

Selecting a Debatable Essay Topic Idea

Although Much Ado About Nothing is supposed to be a comedy, the play contains some tragic elements, so you may focus your work on some controversies by choosing one of the following topics:

  • Tragedy versus comedy: darker elements and their role in the play.
  • Trickery for bad purposes: how evil characters attempted to conceal their feelings.
  • Turning words into weapons: using language in the form of violence and brutality.
  • The question of honor: how it relates to Benedick and Claudio.
  • Don John as an antagonist: the bastardy theme is the play.