How To Compose An Essay About The Use Of Technology In Education

Apart from knowing the specific information about the use of technology in education, the key is to know how to compose a standard essay in the first place. The basic components must be present. They consist of an introduction, fact paragraphs and a conclusion. The key to success in this specific case is to know about how the topic actually works.

The key words in the topic are technology in education. What do we mean by these keywords? You will need to conduct research to find examples of how technology is used in education today.

  • What types of technology are used?
  • In what subjects is technology used in education?
  • What tests have been taken to assess the success or otherwise of this technology in education?
  • What point of view will you be taking in your essay?

If this is an argumentative essay, then you will need a thesis statement or main point which is controversial. If it is simply a straightforward essay where you are commenting upon an aspect of the use of technology in education then that will not be required. What will be required is that you are specific in choosing a topic. If it is a standard size of essay, you will not be able to effectively cover the topic if you refer to technology in general in education. It is far too broad a topic. It’s far better that you concentrate on a particular type of technology or a specific subject.

Perhaps technology will be of greater use in some subjects than others. This again is where your research before you plan your essay is so important. Discover what types of technology in which subjects are being successful. With that information you will be in a strong position to choose the ideal topic.

Of course you need to be able to substantiate or discuss in detail the results of using technology in education. This means finding survey results, or if they don't exist, articles or papers talking about the use of technology in education. You need to be able to substantiate the points you make.

And depending on the type or genre or essay you're writing, it will also be important that you know exactly the point of view you are taking in your essay. Knowing this point of view will be reflected in your thesis statement or the opening of your introduction. Planning your essay will mean that you will make one or two main points in your fact paragraphs which further elaborate on your chosen topic.