What To Include In A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On A TV Show?

The purpose behind a rhetorical analysis essay is to review content created that is aimed at communicating to an audience a specific statement or viewpoint. When writing a paper of this nature there is a few points to remember. Your paper should offer insight on the subject matter from a unique perspective. It helps to have good understanding of the television show and look at elements people may not be paying attention to. Here are additional points to consider when thinking about what to include in your paper.

  • A Strong Thesis Statement Detailing What You Believe is the Target Influence
  • When writing a paper of this nature, think about the audience and the intended message from the show. Your statement should detail what you believe was the overall goal of the show. What message should have been received by the audience and do you think the show did well in getting that detail across. As you understand this information take time to form a solid statement that clearly states purpose of the show.

  • Supporting Evidence from the TV Show to Prove Your Point
  • After watching the show you may have notes you want to write down. This information is important as it gives your paper good structure. The notes also help you form supporting ideas to back your thesis statement. After the show reflect on what you have watched and think about reasons why the show was created. Think of reasons people would want to know rather the show gave its intended audience the message it was hoping to portray.

  • Analysis to Show You Understand Intentions of the Creator
  • What evidence do you have that shows you understand intentions of the creator? Your essay paper should have evidence to show you understand the intention and whether it came across clearly to the audience. You may have to put yourself in the shoes of the creator and think about aspects used throughout the show to help project the image or message that was received.

  • Was the Creator Successful In Getting their Intentions Across?
  • Do you feel the creator achieved their goal in presenting their message or intentions to the audience? Why or why not? Your details must match your overall opinion. The information you include in your paper should show you paid good attention to the content and picked up details others may have missed.