List Of 20 Descriptive Essay Topics About Conspiracy Theories

There are numerous topics you can focus on when writing a paper on conspiracy theories. However, certain aspects will differentiate an ordinary essay from an outstanding one. This is your choice of topic. This is because there are numerous topics to consider yet not all are valuable enough to deliver a compelling paper. What should you consider when choosing your topic?

  • Is it fresh?
  • Your topic must provide new information or a fresh perspective to an old issue. Avoid topics that have been studied over and over. Many readers will not even peruse beyond the title. Look for fresh ideas from research recommendations, new items, journals and suggestions from your tutor. A fresh idea captures the attention of a reader and will lead to positive rating.

  • How Strong is it?
  • The topic you select should appeal to the reader. It must arouse curiosity as the reader seeks to find out what is in the paper. Use words that are meaningful in the discipline. The phrasing should also be right and purposeful. Be very specific on the issue you are going to handle in the paper.

  • Is it relevant?
  • The purpose of any academic engagement should be to solve an existing social problem. A reader going through your essay must relate to your arguments. This is the only reason one would look at your paper beyond the title.

Here is a list of topics to consider for your descriptive conspiracy theories essay.

  1. What do governments know about UFOs?
  2. Are wars natural or caused for economic reasons?
  3. Does God really exist?
  4. Did Armstrong really step on the moon?
  5. Are reality shows a depiction of real life or they are acted?
  6. Is there not a solution to world poverty?
  7. Are diseases manufactured in labs for economic gains?
  8. Are some athletes created by the media to make more money for clubs?
  9. Is education really the route to prosperity?
  10. Was JFK killed by a lone gunman?
  11. Was the death of Princess Diana really accidental?
  12. Is terrorism a real threat or a war with ulterior motives?
  13. How can a whole Boeing disappear from the world? Reference to Malaysian Airline MH370
  14. Were the Twin Towers bombed by terrorists?
  15. Are mass shootings stunts to enforce gun control?
  16. Was Obama really born in Hawaii?
  17. Was the holocaust a hoax?
  18. Is there life is Mars?
  19. Was hurricane Katrina deliberately swayed to avoid white residences at the expense of blacks?
  20. Is psychiatry a plan to rule the world indirectly?