9 Things You Need To Know About The Structure Of A Cause And Effect Essay

As the name suggests, this kind of essay is divided into two parts. You have to explain the causes or the reasons for something which has occurred and then describe the effects of that event. In other words, why did something happen and what impact did it have? Don’t produce a lop-sided essay. Too much on either the cause or the effect is not a good idea. You need the right amount of information to fully explain both aspects of your topic.

The structure of a cause and effect essay is vitally important and you need to get the fundamentals right. The following tips will certainly help you do just that.

  1. Your thesis statement needs to be precise and at the same time cover everything you intend to talk about in your essay.
  2. Do not go into great detail in your introduction as that activity is saved for your second and third paragraphs.
  3. Make a distinction between a single event and a multiple events -- that is, is the domino principle involved?
  4. If there are multiple causes of a particular event, if you are restricted in your word count you might well be advised to choose another topic. You cannot detail a great deal of information in an essay with a limited number of words.
  5. If there are multiple causes you need to prioritize them. The most significant cause of the event will get the most attention and be listed before secondary causes.
  6. Likewise if using a domino effect you must list the causes in chronological order. What was the first cause and what did it lead to? If there are further causes they must be listed in order.
  7. One simple approach to the structure of a cause and effect essay is to use the first fact paragraph to list the cause or causes and the second fact paragraph to list the effect or effects.
  8. It is essential that the conclusion does not include new material but is a summary of all you have stated in the first two fact paragraphs.
  9. If in doubt about the structure of your cause and effect essay, there are many examples freely available from a variety of sources. Copy the correct approach from any essay which has scored a high or very high mark.