5 Pointers To Help You Create A Response Essay On The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is one of the most read stories in history. It offers great perspective and interesting insight on what the writer of the story wanted readers to take away from it. Writing a response essay simply gives personal insight on what you took from the story. You can choose to write just about anything you want that offers opinion and detail about the story. Here are 5 pointers to help you develop essay content based on the Great Gatsby.

  1. Make a list of important points or what you have learned that is significant to the story. This is easier when you have read the content from start to finish. You may find information to write down as you are reading the content.

  2. Develop your thesis statement after reading the story. Keep your point to a single sentence if possible to develop a central point of interest. Developing a central point of interest will make it easier to provide essential proof related to your main idea. If you took notes as you read the content developing a thesis may be easier to complete.

  3. Make an outline with notes and details you took from the story. The outline will make it easier to write the paper even before generating a rough draft. The outline allows notes and thoughts related to the story to be organized and structured. Later when you start your draft it makes it easier to organize information and produce thorough sentences and paragraphs to present facts and opinions.

  4. Find sample essay content written about the same story to give additional perspective on what to write. Some students may do this first before developing topic ideas. It can give insight on potential topics to consider depending on what you have an interest in writing most. There are databases online with free essays to download and you can find additional samples to read by typing in the name of the story in your favorite search engine.

  5. Think about characters, actions, events, and specific details of the story to help you develop a good topic to write about. Theme, language and setting may also help you pinpoint a topic of interest. These elements can also help create an outline to give a perspective on what to focus on when developing your main idea.