Practical Advice On Writing A Narrative Essay Introduction And Conclusion

So, you are currently writing an introduction and a conclusion for your narrative essay, right? In that case, you may need some practical advice to get the job done without much effort. Have you checked the basics about this kind of sections that belong to an essay? In any case, you will find the following recommendations helpful as you progress in the whole process. Read this post to find out more about how to outline these sections.

  • Creating an introduction. This is most likely the first section that you will write when you start the creation process of your essay. Therefore, this is the moment when you will set your ideas about the topic. Ideally, you should have read some literature before but if you haven’t this is the moment to do so. You may have some references to check provided by the teacher that sent you the assignment.

  • Once you have read the information, you should proceed to outline the introduction focusing on the key ideas. In short, this section should be a few paragraphs long in order to provide a complete first image of the content that you will develop in the following lines of the essay.

    Moreover, the correct extent depends on the overall length of the essay but most of the time one or two paragraphs will suffice. You should have a descriptive approach that provides just enough data about the topic to set the starting picture that for the reader.

  • Coming up with a conclusion. Now, as the ending part of the essay this is most probably the last section that you will focus on during the writing process. It should be this way in order to assure the closing orientation that the conclusion should have. The aim here is to review the most important ideas by re-stating phrases. By doing so, you will provide a more long-lasting memory of these issues for the audience.

  • Synergy. There has to be some coherence between introduction and conclusion. Therefore, you should consider this feature when you work on both sections. Most of the time, you will check the overall essay when you work on the ending section in order to state the key points of the narrative essay in a concise but accurate fashion. In addition, you should come up with a strong ending premise that summarizes your personal insight about the matter.