How Do I Write A Definition Essay On The American Dream?

The American dream is a term that is known by everyone starting from Elementary school. Teachers and instructors may ask their students to write a definition essay on the American dream to see what they interpret it as.

The American Dream has been the crux of so many thesis and dissertations, and infect scores of freelance articles have been written on it too.

The term “American dream” is given to the hopes and dreams people who come to America have had. These people have done a lot of homework, and they also work hard to ensure they are able to convert that dream into a reality.

When a student wants to write a definition essay on the American Dream, he or she can choose various ways to structure the paper. It could be:

  1. What are the dreams people have and are they willing to work for it? Are the people with the dream ready to pursue the dream and do all it takes to ensure that it gets to be a reality or are they people who just talk about what could or should have happened.

  2. When writing a dissertation about the American dream, one can base it on the famous words by J. F. Kennedy – “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

  3. One can write the American dream in terms of famous people who have come to America and considered it their promised land. People like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  4. Or the student can write about whether they feel the American dream is a reality and they can then put forward their points after due homework and research done for the dissertation to suggest why they feel so, after defining what they feel the American dream is all about.

  5. One can define the American dream and do research about the hurdles like the fall of the economy, the unemployment, the stability, so on and so forth in their essay.

  6. The student as homework can also study the American dreams in terms of the education system provided, the chances of winning scholarships to fund their college education, the money that can be earned at jobs due to higher education and so much more.

All this and so much more can be written in a freelance definition thesis about the American dream.