How To Come Up With The Best Process Analysis Essay Topics

Process analysis essay assignments usually come up in high school as a means to teach and strengthen students’ abilities to explain how something works or how something is done. Students can also find these kinds of assignments coming up in some college courses. Generally, a student will have an easier time choosing a topic that he or she is not only familiar with but one that will also be interesting enough to devote an entire paper to. So, here are a few ways in which you can come up with some really good topics to explore:

  • Brainstorm ideas that interest you
  • The first step in coming up with a great process analysis essay topic is to brainstorm several ideas that you are interested in. It could be anything from sports to cars to electronics to school subjects. Remember that you will have the floor and will likely do better writing about something you are enthusiastic about.

  • Gather some ideas from the media
  • Take a look at some of the things being discussed in the media. Most of it should be current, already making it slightly more interesting to people who like to keep up to date with what is going on in the world. Look through other news sources like the internet and newspapers. Just be sure to pick something you will be able to research and explain in an essay.

  • Discuss some options with classmates
  • Students spend a lot of time exchanging ideas with others, but very few of them take advantage of this normal social habit to develop thoughts or opinions on subjects that would make for great writing assignments. Next time you find yourself in conversation with classmates try to gather some options for your project. You may find that what interest others will make for a great paper.

  • Consider your audience’s interest
  • As you begin to gather a few worthy ideas it’s important that you take a moment to consider your audience’s various interests. Perhaps you are given a pre-approved list for your assignment but more often than not you have to come up with one of your own. Don’t write about something that won’t pique the interest of the class.

  • Pre-research your topic ideas
  • Now that you‘ve gathered a few topic ideas using different methods, you need to spend a few minutes doing a little background research for each one. This will reveal to you which ideas are the most manageable. Look for the ones that have plenty of information available so that you don’t leave any holes or unanswered questions in your process analysis essay.