Coming Up With Good Topics For Critical Analysis Essay

Writing a critical analysis essay – also called a critique, analytical summary or book review – is a common type of assignment one will generally find in the humanities. It’s a systematic analysis of a text, an idea or some piece of writing that is discussed and evaluated. Usually, an instructor will provide students with a list of subjects along with some ideas for consideration, but students are often encouraged to develop their own topics. Here’s what you need to know about coming up with some good topics for a great critical analysis essay:

  1. Consider questions you would like answered
  2. One of the most effective ways of choosing a good topic is to first consider questions that interest you and that you would like to see answered. Create a list of questions and use these as jumping off points to get your creative mind going. Remember that if you would like answers on an idea, there is a great chance that somebody else share’s your interest.

  3. Understand how the subject fits within other works
  4. Though this might not always be the case, you may find that your subject text has several similar works which would make for great comparative pieces. For instance, an author may have written several similar works or he or she may be discussing something that fits within a canon of related works in the field.

  5. Identify the subject’s merits and flaws
  6. Take a look at your subject text and identify both merits and flaws. Are there any particular parts you think should be addressed in your paper? If you can find enough evidence and make a compelling review and argument towards any one specific component, then you are well on your way towards coming up with a good topic.

  7. Consider your audience and their interest
  8. Your audience may very well determine the kind of paper you decide to write. Is your audience familiar with the work you are evaluating? Does the audience need more information before they can make an academic decision about whether you have succeeded in meeting the assignment’s minimum requirements? These questions should help steer you towards a good critical analysis essay idea.

  9. Check for originality and relevance
  10. Lastly, take a look at your topics and decide which ones are the most original and relevant in the field. It might help to do a little bit of research at your library to find if similar critiques have been published. Remember that even if something similar exists you can always further the study by presenting a different opinion or point of view.