4 Basic Rules Of Composing An Expository Essay Title

An expository essay indicates a piece of writing that is highly elaborative, precise and true to content. It does not have the frills which normally adorn a narrative piece. It is more a Howard Roark style of architecture on paper.

Spraying the essence

Now, the essence has to be bottled and sprayed on the reader right from the start. This can only happen if there is method shown in conjuring the title. Here are basic tips that help you compose the title –

  • Clarity of thought – Your understanding of the topic should come out of the annals of the title you have chosen. It is an art to display that within the confines of 10-12 words or thereabout. You however get there with practice.

  • Impartial touch – Remember not to keep the title shaped as if you are supporting an element or refuting it. You need to come out as objective and impartial while assessing the traits of the topical theme. The topic should be compact and forward driven.

  • Practicality quotient – Suppose you are writing an expository piece on Niagara, you cannot signify the music that its falling water creates. You need to be more on the practical front, expounding its height, spread and incidents related to it. This should be evident in the title.

  • A firm assessment – While you are not supposed to express your opinion in an expository piece but stick to facts and figures, the conclusion has to be assertive. You cannot do that without standing on your assessment of the theme. This again should be clear from your topic title.

Sticking to the base

Of course, when you mean to be objective, you can hardly underline or overstate the theme. You have to stay true to the precincts and stay within the parameters. The paragraphs should themselves wear an official and informal look that betrays a sense of aptitude for information.

Suppose you are asked to write about the father of the nation, you cannot wax eloquent on him. You have to find about his struggles, priorities; his steps, actions; thoughts and frailties. You have to assimilate the piece carefully from these strewn qualities.

Structure and poignancy

All this inclination should be apparent from the structure and poignancy of your essay title. You should appear as someone who wishes to bring the actual truth about something; not deflated or glorified opinions. It is therefore ideal to get the piece proofread from a third person. It mirrors the fact that the piece is inevitably written in the third person.