25 Sample Narrative Essay Topics To Base Your Title On

Writing a narrative essay is not that difficult. You will have to portray all sides of the story. When writing a narrative paper you will have to pick a topic to work on. Here are a few helpful suggestions. When you work on the right topic you will be able to provide the proper information. It is important you choose to work on a topic that can be properly narrated. It is much easier to write a narrative paper if you write form your own experience. This way you will bale to provide more details which will in turn give credibility to your paper.

Importance of the right topic

When you are working on the right topic, you will be able to impress the teacher very easily. The title should be such that the reader feels intrigued and starts to read it before other papers. When you use an interesting title, you have more chances of making the paper stand out. You can work on any one of the topics given in the list below or you can even develop one of your own.

List of narrative essay topics that you can work on:

  1. Your favorite moment from your childhood.
  2. The best birthday gift you have got till date.
  3. What was your favorite toy as a child?
  4. One memorable vacation from your childhood.
  5. The first day you were sent to school.
  6. One personal achievement that makes you proud of yourself.
  7. One thing you are grateful for as a teenager.
  8. What do you hate about grownups?
  9. What attribute of the present generation do the older people misunderstand?
  10. Any advice that you can give to kids younger than you.
  11. What part do you play in your family decisions?
  12. One hobby that has been enjoyed by your family and ancestors.
  13. What trait has your grandfather passed on to you?
  14. How would you describe your parents?
  15. Do you agree with the methods used by your parents to teach you manners?
  16. How do you think you make parenting a difficult job?
  17. Your relationship with your siblings or distant cousins.
  18. The religious or cultural ethnicity you belong to.
  19. Your family history.
  20. How much does your family approve of your choices?
  21. Your role model.
  22. Do you think people are getting more distracted by technology these days?
  23. What gadget do you use the most throughout the day?
  24. Your favorite mobile video game.
  25. Do you prefer phone calls or texts?