Three Simple Ways To Make A Public Transport Essay Shine

Many students don’t realize that the assignments they complete will often follow them for a long time, even after they have turned them in. Your writing represents you as a person, and you want it to be amazing. So what do you do when your teacher assigns you a boring, lackluster topic like public transportation to write about? Believe it or not but there are some really easy things that you can do to make sure that your essay stands out from all the rest that your teacher will receive.

  1. Do your research thoroughly
  2. Let your personality shine through
  3. Write it as if you truly care

  • Research Every Detail You Have To
  • It may seem like a painstaking task to look up even the details that you would normally deem to be too trivial, but it shows initiative and passion if you go above and beyond what is expected of you; this looks especially good since many other students will stick with the bare minimum that they can get away with. Even if you don’t write down every minute fact that you learn, your teacher will be able to see your above-average level of knowledge just in the way that you write on the topic.

  • Let Who You Are Show in Your Writing
  • Most teachers who expect you to write will say something along the lines of “I will know who wrote every paper because each student has a unique voice.” This is actually very true, even if you think that there is no way-- typically, though, there are only subtle noticeable differences in writing between students. If you purposely write with more enthusiasm, your amazing and unique personality will be present in every word of the essay. This will make your paper come off as friendly and fresh, and it will stand out above hundreds of others.

  • Write As if the Topic Means Everything to You
  • Boring topics are especially difficult to write about. One of the best ways to get past that is to actually try and find something about the topic that you find interesting and then cling to that as you research and construct your finished piece. You need to try and get excited; even if it is a boring essay, it is still an important one in the long run. Your teacher will appreciate your enthusiasm, your paper will be better written, and you’ll get a better grade. It’ll all work out much better for everyone, and writing like you care is so much easier than trying to force yourself to start work on a paper that you’ve been dreading since the day it was assigned.