The Best Way To Write A 600-Word Argumentative Essay

When writing an argumentative essay, you must ensure that your essay has certain elements that persuade your audience to see things from your perspective. This is why you should take a few minutes to plan and prepare before delving into the argumentative essay.

Choose a topic

The first step will be to choose a good topic. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a good topic for your argumentative essay. First, you need to consider whether to have several issues with two conflicting points of view or different conclusions. When looking through a list of topics, choose one that will really spark you.

While it is important to have an interest in the topic, this may not be enough. You will need to consider the position that you will take and whether it is possible to back that position with evidence and reasoning. It is one thing to have a strong belief and another one to shape your argument. This is because you must make your argument logical and reasonable.

Consider both sides of a topic and take a position

After choosing a topic that you feel strongly about, write down a list of points that you will highlight in both sides of the argument and choose your side. The first objective of your essay should be to present both sides of an issue and assess each of them. Of course, you will need to show that the side you choose is the better one. During planning, consider the strong arguments for both sides.

Gather evidence

When the word argument comes to mind, we think of two people with red faces who speak loudly while making dramatic gestures. However, this is because, face-to-face arguments can get emotional. However, in an argumentative essay, all you need to do is to provide evidence and not drama. You explore two sides of a given topic and show proof why one or both sides are better.

Writing stage

After giving yourself a solid foundation that you are okay to work with, you can start creating your essay. You should have three parts in your argument essay. These are the introduction, body and conclusion. The length of these parts will vary depending on how long your essay assignment will be. After introducing your topic, present both sides of the argument. In the body, give more details of both sides of the controversy. You should then present your own point of view and provide evidence that your side is the right one.