A List Of Captivating Analytical Essay Topics On Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the Flies is one of the most fascinating books that you can read. It forces you to think outside the box, and it emphasizes the power of the human mind. Besides, not many authors write about children in such a cruel situation, and how they can follow their instincts to survive. Your essay about Lord of the Flies needs to be realistic, but captivating at the same time. Here are some topics that you can try:

  • What are the most important symbols from the novel? The novel is so complex and controversial that it will be difficult for you to focus on only a few subjects. You can start talking about the psychology of the children, and how every human being can change his principles when it comes to survival.

  • Ralph and Simon-description. The two central characters of this novel are Ralph and Simon, two children who showed leader qualities from the beginning. However, as the time passes they become completely different; they do have the same intention, but their methods are completely different and only one of them has good thoughts.

  • Children can be criminals? It’s difficult to think about small children in this way, but this novel will force you to expand your imagination. It is possible for kids to be cruel and think about revenge? Can this happen in the real world?

  • Does the beast have equivalent in the real world? It is easy to form a group when every individual has the same enemy. In the novel, all the children were fighting against the beast and this made them united and strong. Some say that the beast is the equivalent of religion nowadays, so you can express your opinion regarding this issue.

  • Is this a political allegory? It is easy to imagine why some people would say this. You can easily compare between totalitarianism and democracy, especially when you see how the children work together to take decisions. At some moments, only one is taking the decisions and usually this does not end up well.

  • Names and meanings. This novel is full of symbols, but the names of the characters are not usually noticed by the readers. Take a few names and search for their meaning online; does the name say anything about the character’s personality?