How To Write A Synthesis Essay: Interesting Ideas From An Experienced Writer

A synthesis essay is one that contains ideas from different sources. These sources include articles, papers or fiction work. The writer requires providing relationships of ideas from the many sources and relationship between the sources. The following reveals how to best write the work.

  1. Start with a narrow topic: As stated above, inferring your work from a wide range of sources is important. This requires a careful approach when selecting a topic, and a focused topic is needful in this respect.

  2. Work out a thesis statement: Like with other papers, you will begin with a main argument from where to judge every statement.

  3. Draw out only important arguments from the various sources: With a lot of resources to draw statements and ideas from, it is possible that you end up with a large number of points. Usually, it will not be possible to discuss every one of them conclusively because input from two or more different sources is required to judge each point. Always pick out the most outstanding or important points from each source.

  4. In some cases, you will need to start by checking out the abstract for each piece of work in order to quicken the writing process. From their, you can pin point the most relevant arguments and check for the details later.

  5. Connecting various statements: Each statement is better judged by contributions from different authors/resources. That is what makes a good synthesis paper. If one author poses a statement or idea you think is important, check whether the position is supported by other authors in other pieces and state their opinion too on the issue. Your goal is not to find only the authors that agree - always give opponents some time, they too have their story. This makes your work look inclusive since you source ideas from various people.

  6. Crediting ideas: Every idea, or so will writing guidelines tell you, must be attributed to the author. This makes your work look authoritative. Most readers are able to accept a position that has been taken by experts in the field. Therefore, it is necessary to look out for experts that discuss the issues. Whether you are using MLA, APA, Chicago or other citation styles, use in-text citations for this purpose. Check with your lecturer the specific writing guideline to use.