List Of 20 Interesting Essay Topics About British Literature

Writing an essay on British literature requires in-depth study of the literary works, the lives and works of the British poets, authors and playwrights through the ages and deep analysis of the evolution of the British literature. If you are time poor and you cannot do the necessary research, here are the top 20 interesting essay topics about British literature which you can take into consideration. Choose a topic from among the ones listed below and write a killer article before the submission date arrives.

  1. A brief history and evolution of British literature
  2. The basic pillars of British literature
  3. A brief history of modern British fictional works from 1950 till 2000
  4. Controversies and debates in the study of Victorian era British literature
  5. Finding intercultural intersects in the history of British literature
  6. History of British literature during the romantic Victorian era
  7. Theme and imagery in the middle-English literature
  8. The impact of protestant ideologies and collective conscience in British literature
  9. British literature in the 1920s: finding literary stalwarts in the midst of ruins
  10. Persiltence in Early Modern and Medieval British literature
  11. The Columbian history of Brit poetry
  12. Irish and British poetry in the 20th century: From Hardy to Mahon
  13. How to study 16th century British poetry
  14. Development of lyrical poetry in Seventeenth century Britain
  15. An Oxford anthology of 18th century British poets
  16. How meter came in English poetry and how it gradually faded out
  17. Modes and eras in British poetry and literature as a whole
  18. How Shakespearean drama changed the course of British literature and how it contributed to the language itself
  19. University wits and their influence in British literature
  20. The socio-political factors for the early modern British literature

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You can also visit your college library and download a few samples. If you are going to a brick-and-mortar public library, do not forget to ask the librarian about relevant samples. It is in all likeliness that the librarian would be able to properly guide you.