A List Of 10 Interesting Topics You Can Explore In An Essay About A Dog

Writing an essay about a dog can be fun. However, you should narrow down your assignment topic and learn some interesting facts about this pet. If you procrastinate and do not know how to specify your topic, you should study some helpful tips below.

How to Specify an Essay Topic Quickly

There are plenty of different guidelines that you can follow in order to compose a manageable essay topic idea. The most useful of the guidelines include:

  • Consider writing about your pet, as you know a lot about it.
  • Write about something that has happened to your pet recently.
  • Avoid commonly used topics because most of them are quite boring.
  • Find an unusual way to approach a topic.
  • Start conducting research to get some ideas from books and articles.
  • Write down a list of potential topic ideas and select the one that you like the most.
  • Re-use a topic that you have written about.
  • Get a list of great sample topics.

Examples of Great Topics to Consider

Getting a sample topic saves your time and allows you to start working on your assignment right away. Explore the following list of 10 interesting essay topics about a dog and use the one that you are truly interested in:

  1. The main benefits of owning a dog pet. (Write from a child’s point of view.)
  2. The story of domestication of dogs. (Explore where dogs were domesticated first and why people decided to do so.)
  3. The role of service dogs in the military. (Describe the main duties of service dogs in the military.)
  4. The longest-lived breeds among dogs. (Analyze why some breeds live longer than the others.)
  5. The main reasons why dogs are called a “man’s best friend.” (Highlight the impact that dogs have on human society.)
  6. Dogs as a source of meat in some cultures. (Find out where and why dogs are used as a source of meat nowadays.)
  7. Dogs as mythological creatures. (Compare the myths about watchdogs in different cultures. For example, write about Greek Cerberus, Philippian Kimat, or Indian Yama.)
  8. Interesting cultural depictions of dogs. (For example, describe paintings of dogs on the walls of caves in Europe.)
  9. Dog-related health risks to humans. (Investigate what the most dangerous risks people face while interacting with dogs, including rabies, bites, and various infections.)
  10. Dog shows and sport. (Focus your essay on racing, breed-conformation show, or an agility competition.)