5 Useful Tips For Creating An Essay On Recycling

Recycling is an activity that usually involves making use of a product or item that was originally intended for use for a different purpose. Many environmentalists are in support of recycling though many experts argue that it is actually more wasteful than conservative. This matter is currently under heavy debate, however, in the mean time, the activity of recycling continues.

When writing an essay, authors must ensure their paper meets certain requirements. These requirements are simple, but vital and readers recognize, even if they don’t know why, that something is missing from the paper as they read if these aspects are not included. In the following shorts points, I have provided you with five useful tips to help you compose an essay on recycling:

  1. What are the different types of recycling
  2. Recycling can be done in many ways and some cost much less than others, while being more truthful to the philosophy behind the act. Simply reusing a glass jar or plastic bags is a very effective method of recycling and many claim that this is the only efficient way to recycle. What do you think?

  3. What are the pros of recycling
  4. There are many benefits of recycling and you should focus on these for at least one paragraph in your paper. Start off simple, with familiar forms of recycling before moving to more industry based forms. This will give readers a clear idea on why recycling is encouraged.

  5. What are the cons of recycling
  6. Despite being considered as a good thing, many experts claim, with substantial evidence, that large scale recycling is a waste of money. They argue that it often costs a lot more to recycle and it causes way more damage to the environment than many people realize.

  7. Is there an effective middle ground
  8. Do you think that there is a middle ground that can be reached, where we would be able to effectively conserve the resources of the planet, without damaging the environment further? How do you think these measures could be implemented in a highly profit driven society?

  9. Should we move more towards recycling or efficiency?
  10. What are our best options if we wish to protect the planet and keep it in a healthy state? Are there any direct routes towards a cleaner, greener, more energy efficient planet, or will we always be blocked by large corporations, fighting for profits?