What Should I Include In An Essay About Art?

An essay about art can be a very interesting researching experience, depending on the type of the paper. It’s also very important to choose a topic which makes you feel excited and interested in the process of researching and writing.

Types of Essay Research

There are several types of art research you can use while writing your project. They are as follows:

  1. Sociological research.
  2. In it, you explore a certain historical epoch and show how it has influenced the subject of your work. You can also discuss more generalized matters like the influence of economics on the art, the way women used to seek achievements and success in this area, etc.

  3. Image writing.
  4. This type of research deeply explores diverse symbol that can be found in a range of artworks. You can, for example, demonstrate how people in Rembrandt’s works, who have always been accepted as citizens of the Netherlands, turn into apostles after a deeper look at them.

  5. Formal analysis.
  6. If you do such research, you are supposed to start with rather formal matters from the sphere of art in order to move forth to more particular pieces. It’s used to help the audience understand and see the represented artworks.

  7. Biographic research.
  8. In such a work, you study biographies of artists and the influence certain factors, events, actions, or so have caused on their whole career.

  9. Iconological research.
  10. Having chosen it, you will need to use a number of pieces of reference information to interpret a certain artwork. For example, you may use ancient Greek myths and texts to interpret pieces of ancient Greek artwork and explain the most or least typical ornaments.

Types of Essay Structure

Apart from all the mentioned, you need to make sure what exactly you are going to represent in your work. You need to decide whether it will be an informational, expository, argumentative, or narrative project. It will determine a lot, beginning with the selection of reference information and ending with the goal you want to reach: teach our readers, persuade them, or simply give them information.

You need to figure this matter out before you even choose a topic because it will influence the topic, too. If you’re not sure about the best choice, ask your teacher’s help. Search for an area that has received too little attention from other researchers but make sure that you can explore it as it deserves, in accordance with the main academic writing demands.